10 sources for this annotated bibliography.

I need 10 sources for this annotated bibliography. After each source I need 3-4 sentences explaining the source.
Attached below is the rubric.

Annotated Bibliography Rubric

Spring 2019

Your grade for the Annotated Bibliography will be based on the following criteria:

inclusion of 10-12 sources that are valid for academic research
inclusion of at least two sources that are literary sources that were written by the writer being researched
inclusion of at least three reliable secondary sources that refer to the writer being researched or their work (at least two of them being academic articles or academic book chapters or academic books)
inclusion of at least two reliable secondary sources that refer to a topic brought up in the writer’s work but that aren’t about that writer in a specific way
quality and clarity of the summaries of the sources
insightfulness of the assessments of usefulness of the sources for your Research Essay Project
familiarity with reference databases that are useful for this project (as seen in the sources that you choose to write summaries of)
clarity of the layout and adherence to layout specifications that we will talk about in class (alphabetical order, bibliographical information before the summary of the source, etc.)
quality of editing for punctuation conventions, grammatical conventions, usage conventions, mechanical conventions, spelling conventions, and sentence-structure conventions
adherence to other assignment specifications from the assignment sheet and the syllabus (minimum page length, assignment submission, academic integrity, etc.)
adherence to MLA format conventions

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