A Crime of Insanity

Forensic Psychology: This is an opportunity for the student to express her/his/their reaction(s) to the videos shown and apply the concepts covered in readings and lectures. While I will review APA style in class, Purdueowl.com will provide detailed information on APA format. Make sure to also include your reactions to any aspect of the documentary (A crime of Insanity) which struck you. I will also include a power point and a journal article which you can use as one of your references. Also please try to find another journal article as another reference for this reaction paper. Paper Criteria: • 5 to 7 pages in APA format and include Running Head, Page Numbers, Title Page, Body (discussion) and Reference page. Do NOT include an abstract. • 1-inch margins, double spaced (make sure it is exactly 1in margin) • 12 pt. font Times New Roman • A minimum of 3 references should be utilized. All references should be cited in the body of the student’s work and should not be listed on the reference page if they were not utilized. References must be from scientifically verified resources (online websites including Wikipedia will NOT be accepted). The textbook cannot be used as a reference in the papers. Lack of citations in the research paper could be considered plagiarism and will be addressed accordingly, including a failure brought to the attention of the college dean. • One direct quote appropriately cited and referenced. • Proofread the paper, carefully. Spelling and grammatical errors reflect poorly on the student and will be reflected in the grade. • Late papers will not be accepted and will receive a 0 for the assignment. Breakdown is as follows: First page – Title Page Second to sixth pages – the body of your Reaction Paper (you need a minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 5 pages for the body) Last Page – References *Therefore, including the title page, abstract and reference page, depending on how long the body of your paper is, your paper could range from a total of 5 pages to a total of 7 pages. Also the link to A crime of insanity: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5ixsy1
Times New Roman Font – 12 point Page number goes top right corner The running head should be a shorter version of your title. The words “Running head:” go on the first page, after that, just the shortened title in the running head position. Double Space – Everything – All the time NEVER have anything more than double spaced Watch automatically added spaces between paragraphs. No Bold 1 inch margins on all sides.Link to the crime of insanity: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5ixsy1

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