Should the Armenian Massacre officially be declared as a Genocide ?

I was instructed to use noodle tools to write his essay. My point. of view was that Armenian Massacre should be considered a genocide. The thesis statement should include a position and 3 claims that represent political, economic & social argument( without using those terms) .essay should be in MLA format. This is research paper for high school freshmen. In noodle toy it was said to use 1 of each following types of sources 1.magazine/newspaper article ,2. scholarly journal article must use .edu, .org or .gov website. I need to also have a works cited page. I have to use these two sources Technical/Research Report
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Altanian, Melanie. Dealing with the Armenian Genocide. N.p.: Swisspeace, 2017.
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de Waal, Thomas. “The G-Word: The Armenian Massacre and the Politics of
Genocide.” Foreign Affairs 94, no. 1 (2015): 136-48.
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“Nonintervention on Behalf of the Ottoman Armenians (1886–1909).” In
Against Massacre, 185-211. Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman
Empire, 1815-1914. N.p.: Princeton University Press, 2012.
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