plato republic translated by G.M.A Grube revised by C.D.C Reeve

state what the elenchus is and what are its goals. In showing it in action you’ll want to speak of each of the three definitions of justice as Socrates questions Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Thrasymachus. Why does Socrates dismiss each definition of justice? Additionally, what does this tell us about Socrates’ role as a philosopher.Lastly, in your opinion, do you believe that personal, and even societal, improvement is possible without critique— why or why not? papers should have an introduction laying out your paper as a whole, appropriate body paragraphs, as well as a conclusion wrapping up paper.As you write, please keep in mind the following applies:
-3 to 4 pages in length
-12” font
-Times New Roman (or a suitable substitute)
-1” Margins
-Double Spaced
. In fact, please do not refer to outside sources. However, I do ask that you reference the reading throughout paper. It is important for your argument to quote excerpts from the text and put Plato into your own words. Formal citations are not needed, instead just a simple indication of page number, e.g.: (pg., 14).