Country Research Project

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about evaluating a potential business investment in a designated country. Each project requires a country evaluation as well as an industry evaluation.

The country evaluation will focus on the economic, cultural, political, and financial risks of the country. The industry evaluation will focus on market potential, entry strategy, organizational structure, business operations (global production, outsourcing, and logistics), marketing and management focus. Your paper MUST address these specific topics for your selected business in your chosen country.

The final recommendation regarding the project potential will be done through the development of a written research paper (300 possible points per student). The final research paper should be a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 double-spaced pages (Times New Roman 12-pt font with one-inch margins) not including the title page, list of works cited, and appendices. These are overall restrictions to the length of your paper but your paper should be (within these limits) as long as necessary to make your case for establishing or not establishing your selected business in your chosen country. This paper is intended to be an academic challenge. I am not looking for general encyclopedic research about your country but a polished academic product.

Each student must cite at least four (4) different sources to support his or her opinion of which at least two sources must be from a book or scholarly journal. Use of the course textbook is acceptable as a source. Internet blogs and Wikipedia are NOT acceptable sources. Students must use proper in-text citations using APA or MLA format. Students must be certain to receive approval from the course instructor on the country and industry/business they have chosen to research.

Please Note: During the last week of the term, each student will create a PowerPoint presentation (approx. 6-10 slides) that summarizes their final project which will be shared in a threaded discussion forum with the rest of the class.

**Please note that the PP slides are not due with your paper but will be posted to the discussion forum during week #8.

Below is an ungraded research paper submitted in a previous term. It is not provided as a “perfect” paper but serves as an example to illustrate the basic format and contents expected in this assignment.

Here are a few resources which may be helpful when compiling information for your paper but you are not required to use these sources. You are free to use other relevant sources to provide your needed research.

Federation of International Trade Associations Links to an external site.

Export-Import Bank of the United States Links to an external site.
Overseas Private Investment Corporation Links to an external site.

United States International Trade Commission Links to an external site.

Global Edge (from Michigan State Univ.) Links to an external site.