Vila Health: Meaningful Use and Daily Operations

This assignment asks you to assess the impact of meaningful use on health care operations. You will assume the role of a mid-level administrator at Valley City Regional Hospital, a small rural hospital recently acquired by Vila Health. You have been asked to determine how the organization’s efforts to meet the measures for meaningful use stage one have impacted daily operations. You will use the information you gather from the Unit 1 simulation, Vila Health: Meaningful Use and Daily Operations, as well as relevant scholarly sources to explain the current conditions at Valley City Regional Hospital and to put your findings in context with meaningful use criteria and the implications of failing to meet those criteria.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, write a report of your findings. Be sure to address the following:
•How meaningful use is affecting daily operations.
•What it means to meet measures of meaningful use.
•The impact of failing to meet measures of meaningful use.

Submission Requirements
•Length: 3–4 pages in length (not including title and reference pages). Your explanation of your findings should be done in narrative format.
•References: At least two peer-reviewed resources to support your position and claims.
•Formatting: Use correct APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.
•Font size and type: 12-point, Times New Roman.

Make sure you write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, and correctly format the paper and citations using APA sixth edition style.

Note: Your instructor may also use the APA Writing Feedback Rubric to provide additional feedback on your academic writing. The writing feedback rubric does not affect your assignment grade, but its feedback may factor into the grading criteria. Refer to the Learner Guide for instructions on viewing instructor feedback.

Be sure to review the Vila Health: Meaningful Use and Daily Operations scoring guide to understand how your assignment will be graded.