Social media and Our First Amendment: Censorship

In addition on to your academic sources… I have provided materials/sources that must be used to help answer all questions. Please answer all questions.

1. what exactly are social media platforms (must talk about: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and google) censorship policies? (Policy topics: hate Speech, Obscenity, and harassment) How do they compare to each other and who owns them (is it a monopoly?), and to the First Amendment’s protections?
2. Why the landmark case Reno v. ACLU is important to free speech? (It was an unanimous Supreme Court specifically extended the First Amendment to written, visual and spoken expression posted on the Internet)
3. Why regulating Free Speech on social media would be wrong and dangerous? Why algorithms can be bias and discriminatory? (This will tie in with the monopoly of social media and the liberal ideology) (must mention” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, testimony statement this past April and how he defined hate speech, said: “Senator, I think this is a really hard question, and I think it’s one of the reasons why we struggle with it.”
4. Examples of bizarre “censorship” because of either human or algorithms errors: recently flagged the Declaration of Independence, Santa clause kneeling in front of Jesus, and socialism information video. Mention about Peter Schweizer film the ‘The Creepy Line.’
5. What’s to come? -will government get involved because social media platforms like twitter are “shadow banning” conservatives. (what is shadow banning?) (must mention James O’keefe undercover video of Twitter employee talking about shadow banning conservatives. Are Republicans treated differently?
6. Will Federal Election Commission get involved over Twitter’s suppression? Will the new bill “Stop Social Media Censorship Act” that was introduced by state Representative Johnny Rye be a good thing?
8. Lastly, must mention about the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a case that could determine whether Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies can censor their users. Will this help the Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech Social Media Companies help change the way they censor users? Mention Sherman Antitrust Act and why it’s important (ties in with monopolies)?