Case study #5 – Ch. 10 (Motivational Basis of Leading)

Individual Assignment: Cast Study (1 x 60 points = 60)
Each student is required to pick and complete ONE and only ONE case study over the course and submit the case study by Thursday (11:59PM) one week after each case study is offered. Five case studies in total will be offered during the entire semester; one case study on every other Thursday. Each student will choose and work on ONLY ONE case study among the five and submit one paper on the deadline of your selected case study. Again, Only ONE case study is required per student and YOU get to choose which one you do.Each case will have 4 – 5 questions to answer; YOU MUST answer the case study thoroughly and have between 3-4 PAGES of thought-provoking feedback. Anything less than 3 pages will receive points deducted. The purpose of his assignment is to demonstrate your EDUCATED OPINION.
Paper Format:

1) 1 x 1 Margin

2) 12 fonts / Times New Roman

3) Double-spaced