French nationalism influence on colonization of the Americas.

I am interested in exploring French nationalism and how it influenced exploration in contrast to the Spanish. The French appeared to be interested in the Americas for the ‘glory’ aspect, and to continue their national pride.

The proposal will be 4-5 pages. You will have an official introduction, as if you were writing a research paper, with a thesis addressing a particular question/topic. **You should read at least three articles and 2 books for this proposal. (You don’t necessarily read the entire book, but enough to know how it will relate to your question and proposal.)

Your proposal will then be a historiography-based discussion of what literature exists about your topic, what ways your topic has been addressed over recent decades, and address who the main/most significant authors within that field.

Start with review articles. You can find these through JSTOR and/or ProjectMuse through the library website. After you type in some key words, (say “caribbean” and “piracy”) make sure to click “Scholarly Journals” and “Reviews.” See the screenshots.

These reviews are much like the Steele article you already read about “Exploding Colonial History.” They will help you identify the major authors and questions surrounding a topic. From there, you will search the bibliography of one or two of these review articles and read one or two articles from them. This will help you get yourself situated within the topic.

You do not have to know everything about a topic to write a research proposal. That is the point of a proposal: to identify some basics and foundations, and then pose questions about new avenues or research, new ways to think about a topic, or of part of a topic. You will provide a basic background of the topic that you find through your readings, and then explain how you would continue your research and what other questions you might address if you continued with the project.

Think about these questions:

What research question or problem will you be addressing?
What is the research context in which the question or problem is located?
What contribution to knowledge and understanding do you expect to make?
What methodology will you employ to address the research question/problem?
What sources will they be using during the research project, where are they located, and how will they be accessed?

Attached is a paper I wrote on a primary source regarding this topic, as well as an analysis on a book we read in class that can help. I need references to another book, and some articles. I have also attached an example paper.