Fire Prevention

Design a PowerPoint presentation geared as though you are presenting to your city council on several items including fire tragedy history, your facility inspection, and preplan (done in previous units). Your presentation should highlight points of overcrowding, limited visibility, human tendencies, age, and other common factors that affect fire incidence rates such as socioeconomic demographics, risks, and tendencies. Furthermore, outline theories that have been identified as to how and why human behavior in fire impacts the fire prevention or life safety code. Also, include specific information about fire prevention efforts, failures of code enforcement, evacuation concerns, and herding as documented in the Station Nightclub fire and, more recently, the Ghost Ship fire.
Finalize your presentation with your recommendations. Your recommendations should include answers to questions, such as the following.
Is there a need for fire code adoption?
Is there a need for a new ordinance?
Is additional fire prevention funding needed? Are there any other needs?
Your presentation should be approximately between 18 to 20 slides and must include a title and reference slide