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To incorporate your learning from 3 areas of the course:

1. The 5 Industry Speaker Lecture Sessions,

2. The 5 Business Ethics Articles you read at the beginning of the semester, and

3. The Business Ethics discussion questions you had to critically reflect on during each

Topic Module.


Analyze the 5 Industry Speaker Lecture Sessions as follows:

1. Number of Speakers – You must write about EVERY speaker. IMPORTANT: You can only write about the speakers if you actually attended the lecture in-person (we will check against the attendance record taken at each Industry Speaker Lecture Session – see the Attendance Policy in the course syllabus). For missed lectures, see the end of the document for a Make-Up Assignment.

2. Content of Analysis – See below for specific questions to analyze the speakers’ presentations. Be thoughtful about your responses, merely repeating back things that the speaker said do NOT count as “analysis or reflections”. Instead, be specific about how the speakers’ statements impacted you.

3. Maximum Word Count – Write no more than 200 words per speaker. Please note that a paragraph is at least 5 sentences (average 100 words), but given the depth of your assessment, we expect your paragraphs may be longer.

4. Paper Format – Separate your analysis on each speaker by using the following heading: SPEAKER NAME, DISCIPLINE

5. Font Requirement – Use Times New Roman 12-point font, Single Spaced.

6. Grammar Requirement – You MUST answer in complete sentences, with correct

spelling, punctuation and grammar.

7. Citation Requirement – You MUST also cite each of the 5 Business Ethics Articles you read at the beginning of the semester, using APA citation style. See the following link for citation guidelines:

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/a… e_guide/general_format.html


Your analysis on each speaker should include the information below. We have listed several suggested questions under each of the three (3) topics below. Please note that you do not have to


use all of the suggested questions. They are just here to help you be thoughtful about your answers. Pick 1-3 of the most relevant sub-points to discuss.

1. REVIEW OF SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Includes responses to the following three questions:

a. What portions of the speaker’s biography did you find interesting? Why?

b. What parts of their experience can you relate to?

c. What parts of their career path might you see yourself also pursuing?

2. ASSESSMENT OF SPEAKER PRESENTATION: What did you find most interesting about the speaker’s presentation? To answer this question, consider the following:

a. What parts of the speaker’s presentation inspired you the most? Why? OR: What parts of their presentation left an impression on you? What affect did this impression have on you?

b. What parts of their presentation expanded the way you think or changed the way you might approach a particular task (or area of your life)? How did the parts of the presentation you identified do this?

c. Did the speaker’s presentation increase or decrease your interest in their field? Why?

3. ANALYSIS OF SPEAKER DISCUSSION OF ETHICAL ISSUES: How did the speaker’s presentation relate back to your discussion of ethical issues throughout the course? Refer to the Business Ethics Discussion Questions below.


As a reminder, here are the discussion questions we reviewed to relate each of your Topic Modules back to developing strong moral character to respond effectively to ethical issues that arise in the workplace. Each of the Industry Speakers also referred to these questions

in their lecture session with you.


—Ethical Question(s) to Think About: If actions speak louder than words, then you are what you repeatedly do. How do your daily actions reflect your moral identity? How does a person’s work place environment influence their professional identity? How can taking charge of your own actions influence the ethical environment of your workplace?


—Ethical Question(s) to Think About: How do specific personal or organizational values compete against or complement desires to be ethical? How is ethics embedded within all of your decisions? How can a business work on developing character strengths within its employees that would help to prevent ethical issues from occurring?



—Ethical Question(s) to Think About: Developing a strong moral character typically requires deliberate forethought before taking any action and understanding that even the seemingly small stuff matters. As we discuss particular ethical issues that may have come up within companies, what type of thoughts do you think the people involved in the dilemma had before they took action? How should their thinking change in order to achieve better outcomes? What kind of character defects did the participants exhibit that led to the ethical dilemma(s)?


—Ethical Question(s) to Think About: Is integrity important in business? Why or why not? How do small deceptions in an organization affect its clients and consumers?


—Ethical Question(s) to Think About: Some organizations support rule-bending behavior. What might motivate them to do so? How can you go about strengthening your

professional moral courage on an everyday basis?

*************** MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT (Only for those who missed a lecture)

OPTION FOR MISSING ONE INDUSTRY SPEAKER LECTURE SESSION: We understand that things happen and sometimes you may have to miss a lecture. As such, we allow every student the option to complete the assignment below to make-up for ONLY ONE missed Industry Speaker Lecture Session, regardless of the reason. You MUST complete the assignment in order to get the points back for the missed Industry Speaker Lecture Session.

OPTIONS FOR MISSING MORE THAN ONE INDUSTRY SPEAKER LECTURE SESSION: If you have special circumstances that cause you to miss MORE THAN ONE Industry Speaker Lecture Session, then please talk to the Primary Professor responsible for grading your BBA 100 Section. It will be within their discretion to allow you to make-up more than one missed lecture due to a special circumstance. Primary Professors MUST be notified of the special circumstance BEFORE the missed lecture. Special circumstances may be judged on a case by case basis with appropriate approval and proof and may include athletic and military events.

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Below you will find a YouTube Video Playlist of numerous speakers across various industries. For each missed lecture you are allowed to make up (according to the above rules), complete the assignment as follows:

1. Determine the number of Industry Speakers that presented on the date of the Industry Speaker Lecture Session for which you are making up.

EX: There were 2 speakers that presented at the Industry Speaker Lecture Session last Friday, which John did not attend.


2. Determine which industry each missed speaker represented.

EX: John determined that Speaker 1 worked in the Accounting Industry and Speaker 2 worked in the Marketing Industry.

3. Go to the BBA 100 Industry Videos YouTube Playlist below and choose one video for each speaker whose presentation you missed on the date you are making-up. Choose a video to represent each industry that was covered in the presentation.

EX: John needs to choose 2 videos from the Playlist. Video 1 will be an Accounting topic. Video 2 will be a Marketing topic.

4. Assess the content presented in each of the videos you choose by responding to the questions listed below (maximum 200 words per video). Please follow the paper format, font, grammar, and citation requirements explained on page 1 of this document.

a. What did you find most interesting about the video? What parts of the information shared in the video inspired you the most? Why? OR: What parts of their information shared in the video left an impression on you? What affect did this impression have on you?

b. What parts of the information shared in the video expanded the way you think or changed the way you might approach a particular task (or area of your life)? How did the parts of the information shared in the video you identified do this, if at all?

c. Did the information shared in the video increase or decrease your interest in the topic? Why?

EX: John wrote 198 words for Video 1 and 190 words for Video 2. For each video he addressed what he thought was most interesting in the video, how it expanded his thinking, and how it impacted his interest in the Accounting and Marketing fields.

BBA 100 INDUSTRY VIDEOS (YouTube Playlist):


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