do the access project follow instructions and access 1

I have about 6 projects to do, it’s really easy to do. It’s really basic if you learned business database.Just follow the instructions and doing some changes based on Access. It takes about 15-20 min for one project. Thank you. The instruction I posted below are four of six, just let you see the example. Please make less mistakes as you can. I will add tips. Thank you.

annotated bibliography entry edmondson

Write an annotate bibliography entry for the article “It Takes More Than a Major” by Michael Edmondson (refer to the last two slides in the above power point).

cmn 619 histories of new media 1

Both Leo Marx and Evgeny Morozov discuss the history and idea of technological progress. While Marx discusses the Enlightenment ideals behind the idea of progress, Winner focuses on modern techno-enthusiasm.

In this response (minimum 250 words), please address the following questions:

  1. According to Marx, where did the “Enlightenment idea of progress” come from and what role did technology play in its vision for the future?
  2. What is “technological determinism,” according to Morozov? How does this concept explain blind faith in new technologies?
  3. What positive effects did some people think the telegraph, airplane, and radio would have when they first appeared, according to Morozov? What pattern do these future hopes provide for understanding new media in our own time? Give an example.

an essay with 2000 words about religion class

Final Essay: There will be a final paper of approximately 2000 words (about 6-8 pages), double spaced pages to be submitted on the day the paper is due on a topic to be chosen by the student. You should provide at least six peer reviewed sources to help substantiate points made throughout you essays. Just as with the Mini Essays, you must use Chicago Style for references. At the beginning of your essay, please write out fully which prompt you will be writing about, as sometimes it is not always clear for me as a reader.

You are required to choose one of the following prompts for your final essay. •

How has art influenced the development and understanding of Buddhism throughout history? •

Buddhism has adapted with many cultural and societal changes as it spread around the globe throughout history.

How have modernity and globalization influenced the message and expansion of Buddhism within recent history? •

How are women perceived within the different schools of Buddhism? Have those perceptions changed over time? Why or why not? •

Buddhism has often found itself involved in violent actions, and have even been known to develop skills in martial arts. How is violence perceived in Buddhism? Do warrior monks or even Buddhist forms of terrorism fit within the spectrum of Buddhist teachings? Why or why not? •

What role does karma play in Buddhism? Who does it affect, and how does it affect them in this life, the afterlife, and the next life? •

According to the second noble truth, greed/craving give rise to suffering. What did the Buddha mean by greed/craving and how do they cause suffering? How do these apply to love and compassion for others? •

What is the Lotus Sutra and why is it so important to Japanese Buddhism?

Your essays will be graded on the following criteria:

a) evidence that the factual material called for in the question is presented and documented; b) coherence of the essay in organization and structure; c) ability to engage critically and analytically with the topic d) evidence of creative thinking; e) correct annotation of sources and presentation of bibliography; f) correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Top Korean Women Choices

Now and after that, Korea is kind of in style and appealing nation actually not just for adventures yet additionally for relationship. The pyebaek is one of many Korean wedding traditions emphasizing the significance of household throughout the tradition. During the pyebaek, dates and chestnuts are given to the bride. Collectively, the bride and groom will visit his family’s dwelling to reward the nuts and fruit. The dates and chestnuts are a Korean representation of the bride’s fertility. After the fruit and nuts are offered, the mother and father of the groom will serve sake in return. On the end of the ceremony, the dad and mom of the groom throw the dates and chestnuts at the bride as she tries to catch them in her giant, traditional skirt. The number of dates and chestnuts she catches symbolize the variety of children she is going to later have.

In addition, they’re emotional beings who’ll continuously look after you and make you’re feeling comfy. They will share their emotional sides and will equally make investments themselves in your emotional effectively-being. In a world of solitude, Korean girls are your escape the place you can specific yourself emotionally with out being judged.

Normally, they don’t seem to be mail-ordered as a product, however appointment them specially particular person is often organized by means of mail communication, textual content messaging or perhaps stay discussion on each of our website. Subsequently , metaphorically, they’re ordered just by mail” meaning that the interplay begins inside the digital world of on-line marriage. Authorized nice prints concerning migrants of overseas residents are all observed, and the service makes sure that every one its proceedings are regulation-abiding.

In the early years of bride trafficking, most North Korean girls have been lured by brokers who promised meals and jobs in China; some had been abducted. But later on, many have volunteered to be offered as brides as a result of they lacked cash to sneak across content the border and believed dwelling with Chinese language men would lower the hazard of arrest and repatriation, in line with Ahn Kyung-soo, a Seoul-based mostly activist who has interviewed many defectors.

Despite progress lately, together with Park Geun-hye turning into the primary female president of South Korea from 2013 to 2017 and a rise of girls in chief executive roles, Korea still has one of many highest gender pay gaps within the developed world, whereas inflexible beauty standards additionally dominate the office, with many Korean ladies talking out about how make-up was obligatory” in the company world on the outset of the MeToo movement.

Born in Daegu in 1901, Kyung-gained Park is credited as being the first female civilian pilot in the country. After having worked as a nurse to earn her tuition fees, Park moved to Japan in 1925 to pursue her life-lengthy dream of changing into a pilot. She graduated from aviation college two years later, and obtained her second-class pilot’s license the next 12 months.

How To Repair Korean Girl

Korean mail order bride is one of the best of all because of its distinctive options. Their sincerity and kindness is one thing that’s vastly appreciated in Western Europe. They all the time act positively and help everybody around them. Brides from Korea change into good mothers and take good care of their husbands and youngsters. In this paragraph, you’ll find out more details about each of the options of a lady.

Consultants estimate that hundreds, and perhaps tens of hundreds, of North Korean women have been trafficked across the border and sold as brides since a crippling famine in North Korea killed a whole lot of hundreds of people within the mid-Nineteen Nineties. Brokers inform the ladies they can discover jobs in China , but instead sell them to Chinese males, principally poor farmers in three border provinces who battle to seek out brides in part as a result of Beijing’s one-baby policy led to the abortion of many feminine fetuses.

Korean mail order brides have very good personalities. That is another excuse why males are desperate to marry them. Let’s examine what precisely attracts males in Korean mail order brides. This style of robe was worn by Korean brides in the 19th century and for other particular occasions. The type originated with higher class girls however finally turned fashionable with all ladies in Korea.

South Korea’s big selection of skincare and beauty merchandise has earned the business the name “Ok-beauty”, a term paying homage to the moniker “Ok-pop” which refers to the booming pop music scene. One former bride who fled to South Korea said her Chinese husband tied her to a submit for hours after she as soon as tried to flee.

Pretty Korean women understand that in order to maintain a household you might want to hearken to men and due to this they very often make concessions. When you respect and love your spouse, she will become your best spouse and you will by no means want to leave her. Because of the fact that Korea belongs to Asia and has great influence, women respect their husbands very much, though they don’t seem to be required to take action. Girls are superb and they’re ready to do something for males.

Your bride-to-be coming from Korea may simply possess five things, yet she will certainly mix all of them so well that you simply would possibly presume she has a complete wardrobe. Korean songs know what to decide on for a selected activity, so they all the time look gorgeous. When you go to a party or go to a temple, a female will always find one factor in her closet. korean brides handle to create the best make-up on their skins. Ladies appear terrific and likewise without make-up, but their make-up gives assurance. They utilize vivid shades in their make-up, nonetheless their make-up is definitely never superfluous. You are going to be truly astounded at her attraction, however it’s actually not only the look, thus listed under you’ll be able to decide much more regarding their character characteristics.

cpe480 final report

Final Design Report for CpE 480:

Submit a written design report, by Friday, May 8, 5pm.

There is no page limit, but most of the content can be taken from previously submitted materials

You are also free to borrow from any group deliverables that your team submitted (you need to clearly reference the deliverable document)

Outline of CpE 480 Design Report:

  • Introduction: Briefly describe the goals of the EcoCar project and briefly describe your role within the team (estimated length: 1 page)
  • Schedule and Milestones – You may use and update your schedule and milestone report for this (estimated length: 2 pages, plus a Gantt chart figure)
  • Applicable Standards – Write about the standards that you use in your work for the EcoCar project. One of the those standards is used by all of us: SAE J3016, the complete version of which is described at at: You should report on SAE J3016 AND AT LEAST ONE OTHER STANDARD that is related to your work for the EcoCar project, including: (1) cite the standard you are using, (2) briefly explain the standard (include a reference), (3) explain how this standard is applied within EcoCar (estimated length: 2 pages)
  • Technical Contributions – This will be the longest section of your report and should include both text and figures that describe your technical contributions to the EcoCar project. You may borrow group-written deliverables freely and use them verbatim, provided that you cite the deliverable as a reference. Items like code or extra figures can be placed in an appendix.
  • Safety Considerations – Discuss any important safety considerations related to your teams work (this may only be 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Economic Considerations – Discuss any economic considerations that may have influenced your design (this may be only 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Impact on Society – Discuss the impact of the technologies developed in EcoCar Society (e.g., the environment, access to transportation, quality of life) (Estimated length: 1 page)
  • References


my role was in the Electrical team communication and low voltage.

milestone is attached

week 2 forum 6

The Deweys are expecting to save on their taxes for 2019. Not only have both incurred large medical expenses, but both reached age 65. During the year, they also recognized a $30,000 loss on some land they sold which was purchased as an investment several years ago. Are the Deweys under a mistaken understanding regarding their tax position? Explain.

apa format 34

Read and complete the case study titled “Wish You Wood Toy Store” that is on page 129 at the end of chapter 4.

Read the entire case study and answer the 2 questions that immediately follow it.

Submission Details:

  • Paper should be approximately 500-750 words total.
  • APA format for your citations when writing up the case.

Please review the sample case study that is attached. This is the work of a previous student that scored fairly well on this assignment. Please do not copy this case study but use it as a guide to understand my expectations for this case.