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current and future considerations for health care delivery 1

Imagine that you are an administrator in a health services organization, and the CEO of your organization asks you to assess and report on developments that are likely to affect the organization’s success. What will you discover as you investigate changes in your community and the broader health care landscape?

In preparation for this Assignment, review your completed Module 3 Assignment, including any feedback you received from your Instructor. Select one organization from that Assignment on which to focus for this Assignment (i.e., imagine that this organization is the one in which you work).

Use the Learning Resources provided in this module, as well as previous modules, and locate additional sources through the Walden Library and credible websites to conduct your research. Use the following questions to guide your investigation:

  • What are the prevalent health concerns in this community?
  • What are the key issues related to cost, quality, and access that affect the organization and the people this organization serves?
  • Which organizations in this area are business competitors and/or which organizations use highly effective practices or strategies that this organization may learn from or adopt?
  • How will demographics and health reform likely impact the organization, as well as the broader community, in the next 5 years?

Next, review the information on business writing included in the Learning Resources. Consider what the central point of your memo should be. For instance, is there a critical challenge the organization is likely to encounter? Does the information you have gathered suggest the need for a particular course of action or a new business direction? If so, use this memo to inform and influence the CEO. If not, share the findings of your research with the assumption that the CEO will use this information as a launching point for future discussions.

The Assignment

Write a 2- to 3-page business memo in which you address:

  • Prevalent health concerns in the community
  • Issues related to cost, quality, and access that affect the organization and the people it serves
  • Organizations in the community that are business competitors and/or from which you can learn highly effective practices or strategies
  • Ways in which changing demographics and health reform will likely affect your organization and the broader community in the next 5 years


proper graqmmar 250 words and it a discussion no apa format

There are laws which prohibit texting while you are driving. What if you were driving and you received a phone call from a blocked number. Would you answer even though you know that it is a traffic violation? Let’s assume you answered and you got caught by the police. They give you a ticket for $150 and you have to appear in traffic court. Would you answer a text message again while you are driving? If yes, why? If not, why not? What does that mean with regard to the Rational Choice theory?

Your initial post
of at least 250 words

sex shop analysis

In this assignment, go to one of the websites for a boutique sex shop in Philadelphia.

For example:

Kink (

Condom Kingdom (

Sexploratorium/Passional Toys (

The Velvet Lily (

Once you have selected the website, please conduct what sociologists call a general “content analysis” of the site. What is the overall tone, feel, or vibe conveyed by features such as images, text, and formatting? Is the site easy to navigate? What sort of users have the designers of the website for? When you read the “About Us” page, what kinds of messages are conveyed by the local shop (is this inviting, informative, elitist, off-putting, tasteful, raunchy, etc.)? Are prices reasonable? If this kind of analysis is difficult, it may be helpful conceptually to just look at the site for Condom Kingdom, a shop with a much more novelty-item approach, and compare it to the others.

Second find an object for sale on the site. Considering sexual script theory, what sexual meanings are there assigned to this object by the store and/or marketers of this device? What cues make you know this is something sexual and intended for sexual purposes? What sorts of assumptions about sexuality are built into the device and/or packaging?

Please write 1-2 pages on the experience and your analysis, including:
A detailed description of the store (minimum 250 words)
A description and analysis of the chosen object and associated sexual meanings (minimum 250 words)

adderall college use

Hello, Can you please answer these following questions regarding the abuse of ADHD medication by college students?

– What are some ways that different organizations or groups are trying to “solve” the “problem”. Is one way better (cheaper, more effective, faster, longer lasting than other ways of solving or addressing the problem? Profile of the organization or group you observed and studied. Where are they located? How are they funded? How long have they been around? What else do they do?

– What are your initial impressions? What are some surprises you experienced or observed? What did you make of the impact the group had on the target for the project (e.g. young expectant women).

– What are some positives? What are some areas that the group’s efforts fall short? What are some challenges or limitations that the group struggles with?

– If you were in a position to lead this organization or group’s efforts, what would you do differently so that the efforts of the group could be more successful, sustainable etc.?

human behavior 9

Directions: Type your answers to each of short answer essay questions below. You must use bullet points in writing your answers. Your exam may not exceed 1 page. Each question is worth 20 points for a total of 100 points. Submit your exam through Blackboard by Friday May 22nd at 10:30 am. You may refer to your textbook, the power points, and the recorded lectures. You may not collaborate with other students on the exam. Relax. Breathe. Begin.

NOTE: Read the WSJ Article entitled “Lysol Factory Job Becomes a Calling. ‘Hey, I Work at the Place That Makes That.’ before answering the 5 exam questions.

Chapter 12 Power, Influence, and Politics – 20 points

Explain one influence tactic the managers at the Lysol plant used to tell the workers that they needed everyone’s help. Explain one of the five bases of power the managers held.

Chapter 13 Leadership Effectiveness – 20 points

Using Transformational Leadership Theory, which one of the four key leader behaviors did the managers appear to use when they told the workers that they needed everyone’s help? Give 2 reasons to support your answer.

Chapter 14 Organizational Culture, Socialization, and Mentoring – 20 points

Using the Competing Values Framework, of the four cultures, which type of culture does the Lysol plant appear to have? Give 2 reasons to support your choice of culture.

Chapter 15 Organizational Design, Effectiveness, and Innovation – 20 points

Which organizational design would be most effective for the Lysol plant? Give 2 reasons to support your choice of design.

Chapter 16 Managing Change and Stress – 20 points

Describe 2 different key external forces for change that are impacting Lysol’s decision to change to only manufacturing Lysol and dropping its other product lines.

research article 18

Hello,Write a research article and It includes

Some new invention and idea

how it helps america

minimum of 20 references.

12 pages in length.

ageist attitudes held by college students

Research Paper (5-7 pages, double-spaced):

Using your proposal statement as a starting point (attached below),

conduct library search of at least three scholarly articles (i.e., peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter, research report) on the topic ( the specific resources are listed below);

summarize the research findings and conclusions; and reflect on their overall implication for older adults and their families.

Avoid using first person language.

Include course concepts discussed in class as well as concepts you found in the literature search.

Select at least four scholarly articles on your selected topic of research.

Do not use websites! Your paper should include the following elements:

1) Statement of your research question/topic (i.e., what you wanted to inquire about through this research)

2) Summary of each paper’s findings and conclusions.

3) Your own discussion of how each article informs and answers about your research topic

4) Your own discussion and synthesis about what the information provided by articles as a whole implies for the lives of older adults and their families.

word document 8

  • The scenario:Because the company is growing and adding more employees, Lucky Fellows—the CFO for Sweets Bakery & More—wants all employee orientations to be more consistent than they have been in the past. He has started a list of topics to be covered. Mr. Fellows has asked you to complete the list and create a PowerPoint presentation. He also wants you to include a new employee benefit: Profit Sharing—Five percent of net profits will be shared with employees.For this assignment, you will need the following files: New blank PowerPoint presentation Employee_OrientationYou will save your files as: Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Outline Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Presentation
    1. Open the Word file Employee_Orientation.
    2. Promote, demote, and move items so that the items display in a more logical order.
    3. Save the file as Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Outline
    4. Import the Word document into PowerPoint.
    5. Modify the presentation by
      • inserting or deleting slides
      • applying a theme
      • changing the slide layout
      • applying character spacing
      • applying text shadow
    6. and inserting and modifying at least one SmartArt graphic or shape.
    7. Add speaker’s notes to at least three slides.
    8. Save the presentation as Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Presentation In both files, insert the your name in the footer.

Upload the completed assignment files in the Assignment area.

  • Special Instructions:Use the Supporting Materials below to complete the project.
  • Grading: Please review the rubrics for particulars.