project management 376

Activity 1: Deciding on a Project

Decide on a project you wish to spend this term developing the planning deliverables for. The project does not have to be done in 8 weeks, however you will complete deliverables throughout the term. Use one of the techniques in Chapter 2 of Schwalbe to identify a project idea (SWOT, Weighted Scoring Model, Net Present Value analysis, ROI, Payback Period).

Describe the project, the stakeholders, and what the project will produce.

Submit the project idea and description to the instructor for approval.

Activity 2: Understand the role of the project manager. You will need to draw on what you learned during the task and can use the following resources to gain more insight into the roles, responsibilities and history of project management Watch the videos – there is no associated upload to submit.

Activity 3: Software for Project Management

There are many options for project management software on the market that can help initiate, plan, and carry out a project efficiently.

In this term we will use MS Project 2013. You will all receive access via the Stratford University Remote Desktop. Directions will be sent out from the Service Desk.

Appendix A of Schwalbe is a guide to using MS Project.

Submit your project idea with additional information cited in Activity 1 above. The purpose of this assignment is to collect the information you will need for your business case – things like high level schedule, budget, stakeholders, requirements, etc.

5 short paragraphs about student organization

please take a look at the list of student organizations below. Pick five student organizations you might consider attending for a meeting, event or even joining. Please tell me a little bit about each of the five organizations and why they are of interest to you.

The link to get to all of the student organizations here on campus is below. Most all of them have individual websites you can check out.

Each one should be individual in a short paragraph. So, total five short paragraphs, each one is individual about different student organizations.


need help in minor revision business plan

Attached is the business plan I’ve drafted. I just need you to do minor polishing and changes in layout following this outline:

1. Front Material:

  • Cover Page: Company name and logo (Note Company Name should be used as a header for each Page)
  • Table of Content
  • Mission and Vision Statement

2. Executive Summary: Condensed Business Plan

3. Business Plans Major Parts:

  • Introduction
  • Business Description and Value
  • Management & Organizational Plan
  • Critical Path Timeline
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Summary: An Action Statement, Conclusion and Recommendation

4. Supporting Documents

  • Appendix
  • Reference



I am just missing the summary with action statement, appendices and reference part, the rest are pretty much there already feel free to reformat following the outline requirements. I also need help in writing for a short PITCH for this business plan covering the following:

1. What is the name of your company and/or product?

2. A company, product and services description

3. What is the major benefit that your customers will experience from using your product and/or service?

** Please submit the pitch on a different file. Thank you.

english101 4

I will be assigning you a poem.

Write analytical paragraphs on each of the following, citing textual evidence,as well….

discrimination 10

Writing about it for article , about discrimination working alongside me to do it , worth 40 marks

human resource management 184

To what extent should multinationals adapt their HRM practices in foreign locations to achieve cultural fit? What should be considered before deciding? Discuss in not less than 250 words

payroll accounting chapter 7 project 2020

Please help with Payroll accounting project from text book Bieg/Toland, Payroll accounting 2020, 30th edition, ISBN978-0-357-11721-7. Instructions for documents are on 7-6 through 7-22. I have completed already Form 940 and Form 941 from questions. The teacher has been of very limited help and would appreciate any help that can be provided! Cells that are locked should not be changed.

write a brief email discussion minimum of 300 words describing the item that you found and summarizing the career skills information you learned from it

Write a brief email discussion (Minimum of 300 words), describing the item that you found and summarizing the career skills information you learned from it.


For example:

Step 1: Enter Search Query. Job Interview

Step 2: Select Search Target. Video

Step 3: Describe what you have found and summarize the information you’ve learned…

Other keywords: Business resume in File type, Direct vs Indirect communication, Cultural differences in Business Communication, etc.…

Career Accounting/ Financial Analyst

1 how has blockchain been successfully applied in industry and government 2 what barriers exist in the adoption of blockchain technology

Discuss the following: 1. How has blockchain been successfully applied in industry and government? 2. What barriers exist in the adoption of blockchain technology. You are required to cite this week’s assigned readings in your paper. You may also cite prior week’s reading assignments and external sources if you wish.

Use the following headings to organize your paper: Introduction, Question 1, Question 2, Conclusion, References.