3 pages essay writing


1) Read: “Ordering Fries At Happy Hour” by Christopher Gonzales – https://okaydonkeymag.com/2019/07/12/ordering-fries-at-happy-hour-by-christopher-gonzalez/

2) Write an essay that explores these question – does this piece have all the elements to be considered a short story? This essay should be at least 3 pages long and be in MLA style.

As you analyze this story, consider these questions:

What is it about? What is at stake for this narrator? What is distinctive about the ‘voice’ of this story? The setting? The imagery or symbolism? What larger themes arise from this story? And ultimately, what elements spoke to you in this story?

PLEASE NOTE for this essay – the MLA in-text cite is the website (OkayDonkeyMag.com). You should NOT have any other texts to cite. You should ONLY be using the story in this essay.