370 word response to each question world war ii early cold war the affluent society the sixties completion grade

I will need you to add 370 words EACH per section. There are 4 sections. This is a completion grade so I will only need you to add the 370 words and just answer the question.

  • You will submit a response to EACH of the reflective questions listed at the end of each online module.
  • This will be submitted via a single word/PDF document, with each answer separated with a new sub-heading.
  • Each question requires a 500 word response (minimum)

1.What are the effects of World War II on American society? What ethical and civic dilemmas did American society face during the war?

2.What factors allow for the rise of McCarthyism? Why does McCarthyism fail?

3.Why was conformity so important in the 1950s and why did some Americans rebel against this conformity?

4.What were the concerns of America’s youth in the 1960s? What accounts for their activism?


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