450 words journal entry

(Great English is a must!! No grammar errors!)

(Read the articles and write a journal entry)

(Will provide all three articles in pdf format)

(450 words, APA Format)


Subject of the paper: Culture as a tool of leadership

Requirement: Your journal entry should be based ONLY on the three articles I am going to provide. The theme is “Culture as a tool of leadership”. The total number of words should be 450 words (for all the three articles together). For each article you will have to write a short summary to prove that you read it and understand it and your own argument. In the end, write a conclusion which puts all the three articles together.

Other information: Short task. Just read and write the journal entry. 450 Words, APA Format, Double Spaced. NO ADDITIONAL REFERENCES, only the articles I will provide


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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