A Work Discussion Board In 12 Hours

1.      Describe in detail a bad decision that you made at work in the past, or any work-related decision that you wish you could “do over.” Be sure to indicate your career field, as you describe this decision. Analyze that bad decision using Steps 1-7 of the Ladder of Inference (ATTACHED). At which step of the Ladder of Inference did your decision-making begin to become faulty? (In other words, at which stage did your decision begin to show signs of a bad decision?)




2.      Imagine that your classmate is the leader you are coaching, and you are helping the leader analyze his or her decision-making process using the Ladder of Inference. Which probing follow-up questions would you ask—customized for this specific situation that your classmate described—to facilitate the coaching dialogue? What is the goal, or what do you hope to happen as a result of this dialogue?