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  1. Length: 2 pages

Choose two theories and/or articles from class from the second half of our semester and describe what you have learned about yourself cross-culturally in terms of the ideas in these two theories/articles. Write one page, more if you like, about each theory/article for a minimum of 2 pages. Please discuss specific, personal cross-cultural experiences you have had with regard for each of the two theories/articles you choose from class. As your other papers, you should have a combination of a discussion of the theories themselves interspersed with examples from your own experience. Celebrate your learning from this semester! In this essay, please answer the following questions. Be sure to repeat the prompt in the question without writing out the question itself in your essay.

    1. What has your experience been of this theory and your experience here in the U.S.? Repeat Prompt: My experience of theory X here in the U.S. is . . .
    2. Name one specific feeling, emotion, thought and/or sensation you have had from your use of this theory. Why?
    3. What is/are the specific learning/s you have had from this theory? Why is this theory important for you in your experience here in the U.S.
    4. How will you be applying your learnings from this theory to specific actions you take in the near and distant future? Give reasons and examples of your specific actions.

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