american history from 1877 identification amp essay

This assignment will go through turn it in. No plagiarism!!

I have attached instructions and examples of how to do the identification and the essay prompt and guidelines.

The essay is only 3-4 paragraphs. No more than 1750 words in length. Chicago Style

*** Need to use scholarly articles and sources ***


STEP ONE: Do FOUR Identifications from the list provided below using the identification format that includes the counter-perspective. A fourth id may be done from the list below as extra credit (10 points).

Three Identifications: 30 points. Please do any three of the following identifications in the advanced identification format (Definition/Claim, Clarifier, Consequences/Historical Significance, Counter- Perspective and two citations in four separate sections. Then finish with a citation that includes all sources used.) Points will be deducted from those ids not formatted correctly.

Essay Prompt:

12-point font and should be 3-4 paragraphs but no more than 1750 words in length. Essays that exceed the word limit will lose points. Please look at the rubric for expectations about your essay.

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