Analyzing Promotion Data

Part I – Case #12, “Analyzing Promotion Data: Applying the 80% Rule”, page 41 – we will consider the legal and regulatory environment by examining a  case that addresses requirements to avoid EEOC issues with disparate impact. You may want to google “disparate impact” for a full explanation, before starting this case. This is a very challenging case, so spend at least 10 hours on this case. Use the same process to analyze this case. You will need to answer the questions on page 43 and you should have at least 2 full pages in MLA 7th edition format with references listed on page 3.


The third case looks at disparate impact and you will utilize the 80% rule. As a refresher, you need to view the powerpoint labeled disparate treatment and disparate impact under the “course resources” tab. Understanding how to apply the 80% rule will support you in defending an EEOC claim of discrimination, but you must know how to determine if disparate treatment has occurrd and if so, against whom and why is this an issue?




·         Grading Rubric for Cases


Your grade is a combination of the following elements:




1. Appropriate length of answer. One paragraph per question answered. Individual question minimum of 3 well-structured sentences in 12 point font.




2. Identification of correct human resource or management topic.




3. Full quality answers which include research to determine how to apply standards, regulations, or laws covering human resources. These cases require you to research current federal employment law, regulations, and issues in order to answer them correctly.  Review “Website resources” tab. Also you can google topics, laws, cases, etc.




4. Correct notation of sources listed at the bottom of each answered case. You should list the textbook and any websites or other resources you used; cite direct quotes from sources in parathesis and put (author’s last name, page #).