answer questions of each video

1-Response to the video, A Subprime Education.

2- you will need to watch both of the two following short videos:

Richard Thaler – Nudge: An Overview (Links to an external site.)Richard Thaler - Nudge: An Overview (Links to an external site.)

Next answer one of the questions below, and note one other thing that stood out to you. Then respond to at least one of your classmates.

Possible questions:

1) How does behavioral economics relate to persuasion?

2) What are some irrational things people commonly do, and why are they irrational?

3) What is present bias?

4) What is “choice architecture?”

3. Watch the video

  • Use concepts we have learned in class to briefly make one of the following arguments. There are no length requirements for this. And you may use bullet points, and phrases if you think it is appropriate.
    1. Gladwell is right. Moskowitz’s innovations made consumers happier.
    2. Gladwell is wrong. Moskowitz’s innovations did not make consumers happier.
  • Politely respond to at least one person who took the opposite position.

4.Briefly (about 100-250 words) discuss one of the presentations you watched

Some questions you might address include:

  • What stood out to you about the presentation?
  • Did you learn anything about advertising?
  • Did you gain a new perspective on advertising?
  • Do you think the presenter raised important questions?
  • Or do you think the presenter missed an opportunity to address ethical issues?

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