answer the following questions most questions are typically answered in about one paragraph or less although this will vary write the question first followed by your response 2

Course Outcome:

IT511-2: Examine the who, what, when, and cost components for effective project planning.


The triple constraint expresses the balance needed between project scope, time, and cost. Stakeholders tend to use these areas as metrics for project success as well, assessing whether the project met the scope expected, stayed on schedule, and remained within or exceeded the budget. Consequently, these factors are important to understand because they will be used to judge the success of the project.

Assignment Instructions

Answer the following questions. Most questions are typically answered in about one paragraph or less, although this will vary. Write the question first, followed by your response.

  1. Examine project scope management processes.
  2. Differentiate the five approaches for creating work breakdown structures.
  3. Investigate project schedule management processes.
  4. Order the steps for creating a critical path analysis.
  5. Analyze project cost management processes.

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