Answer The Question

The Challenge of Modernization and Political Development in the Middle East.

Follow Instructions carefully.  Assume that the brief is for a senator or congressman who needs you to tell him everything he has to know about the topic before he attends a committee and has time to read 2 pages only.


Assignment should include the following:

· A clear thesis statement (The clearer the better, example: The purpose of this brief….).

· A brief review of the main issues and points related to the issue.

· Include analysis and your own opinion where relevant (this can be placed at the end).

· The writing assignment must not exceed 2 pages single spaced and 12 pt font (excluding bibliography).

· You should use more than 1 source (3-5 is about right)

· In text citations using APA are required for all sources including lecture notes.

· A bibliography of sources used should be provided in APA. Use a separate page.