answering study guide for western world literature since 1660

the questions are in the file “Review Exam Two” I want Parts two and three to be answer

The works we have studied are:

1-Jekyll and Hyde

2-The Adventure of the Speckled Band

3-The Yellow Wallpaper

Part Two: Short Answer 4 out of 5. 10 pts. each

•For the terms below, you must provide a definition based on lecture and a specific example from one of the works we have studied.

•1. Detective Fiction

•2. Charles Darwin•

•3. Locked Room Mystery

4. Victorian Era

•5.Evolutionary Psychology

Part Three: quotation Identification 4 out of 4. 10 points each.

•For each quote, you must do three things: 1. Identify work and author; 2. Discuss a theme of the work illustrated in the quote; 3. Relate the quote to the time period in which it was written.

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