Anthropology questions

To participate in the discussions for this module, students must initiate a thread and clearly indicate in the subject line what specific question they are addressing in their posts. 2 paragraphs each question

Question 1: Problems may arise when different groups have different associated meanings with the same symbol. For example, Wiccan high school students are often prohibited from wearing the swastika symbol to school. What do you think should be done in these situations? Should an individual be allowed to wear a symbol that might offend others who mistake its meaning?

Question 2: What are the purposes of religious toys and games? Can they be analyzed in the same way as more traditional religious objects? Why or why not?

Question 3: What are the symbolic uses of time and space on your campus?

Question 4: Most colleges and universities and professional athletic teams are represented by mascots. Is there a relationship between the characteristics of the mascot and the particular institution? What roles do mascots play in American culture?

Question 5: What role does music play in American culture? In what settings and for what purposes is music used?

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