art journal post writing

Reading 1:…

Reading 2:…

Each reading require to write at least 250 words count essay. Summary the article and focus write on the personal reflection.

Writing format:

The Reading Journal assignment is two-part:

1) Read the assigned readings and/or watch the assigned videos. Every week there will be 2 entries to read/view. (2) Write a personalized response to EACH article/video’s content. Each entry should be minimum 250 words in length and draw on your own interpretations and analysis of the content (see below for more details about this). Each week you will be writing TWO of these 250 word responses, one for each RJ entry.

The purpose of the Reading Journal is to engage intellectually and personally with the topics presented in each assigned article/video. You will need to use your skills at critical thinking, analysis on both personal and broader levels, and drawing connections between specific delivered content and your own experiences/studies/thoughts/observations/impressions, etc. A reading journal is not your first impression about the text, nor a summary of its content. It is a layout of your experience reading the text and your personal reactions to and analysis of it. If you just summarize what the text was about or tell me what you liked or disliked you have given insufficient proof of your engagement with the content. So, do not only summarize what happened in the reading: tell me what happened inside of your head when you read the text. Importantly, you must be specific about what ideas or sections of the reading/video you are responding to. Though I don’t want a summary, I do want specific references to content in the reading so that I know you have actually read and engaged with it. Remember to always ground your analysis in relation to the actual content of the reading/video (ex: avoid long tangents that are unrelated).