Based on public opinion polls, how has support for the legalization of marijuana changed since 1969?

Done by today at 10 pm

Watch the video clip “The Politics of Pot: Lobbying Congress for Legal Weed” and answer the question below –

(Please keep in mind that the current administration has recently signaled a departure from the policy referenced in this video.)

1. Based on public opinion polls, how has support for the legalization of marijuana changed since 1969?

a) increased slightly

b) doubled

c) tripled

d) quadrupled

2. At the time this video was produced, how many states had decriminalized or allowed limited use of marijuana?

a) three

b) fourteen

c) twenty-seven

d) thirty-five

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the strategies for influencing public policy that the Marijuana Policy Project is pursuing, as described in the video?

a) direct lobbying

b) using the courts

c) ballot initiatives

d) informing and mobilizing public opinion

4. Describe the Obama administration’s current approach to administering the law when it comes to marijuana use in the United States. Based on the other information presented in this video, what do you believe is the administration’s rationale?

5. What is the current state of the law nationwide—at both the federal level and the state level—in terms of marijuana use? What explains the similarities or differences that you observe across the two levels of government?

6. Do you agree with the policies (both state and federal)?  Why or why not?

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