bus309 week 6 discussion 1

We’ve all grown up with varying degrees of “save the planet” rules, regulations, and suggestions. Natural resources have been used, abused, and depleted throughout the lifetime of civilization to the point where we are reaching out more to harness the wind and solar power to help sustain future generations. As a whole, the human race is one of the biggest disrupters of ecosystems. We throw aside so much waste, from wrecked vehicles to product packaging, that we have become desensitized to the damage we are creating.

Today, a large percentage of businesses have already developed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans. Companies like Walt Disney, Lego, Google, Ben and Jerry’s, as well as many others are devoting money and time to making the world a better place.

Do you feel all companies whether small or large should be compelled through government regulations to be the responsible party for not only cleaning up the bad habits of its consumers but also alter its own way of doing business to eliminate any damaging environmental activities? Explain your opinion.

Do you personally make purchasing choices based on a company’s social responsibility, brand or reputation? Explain what motivates you to make these choices.