business environment questions 1000 1200 words

The company is ” Vector Limited New Zealand”. See the questions in attachment. Need around 1000- 1200 words.

Please see the attachment for full description of assignment and rubric .

Here I am giving the brief of the assignment

Section 1 : introduction of company

Section 2: explain one sysytem out of political, economical and legal that affects the business. Remember, we need to consider three factors of taken system and explain its impact on business activities nad organizational goal. Use statistics data as well if possible to show affect . like in political the factors may be stability of government, border closing during cosvid 19 etc.. in economic may be interest rate, inflation rate GDP etc…

section 3 : need to find any challenge in the business- social, cultural or ethical and explain its impact on organizational goal and business activities

Section 4 : strategies for managing issues and factors in section 2 and 3

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