Business Law 4 Unit Exams and 4 Writing Assignments

The Unit Examinations contains 25 multiple choice questions, as well as a writing assignment. This course has 4 Units and 4 writing assignments to be completed. Each attachment has the instructions for the each unit to include instructions for the writing assignment.

I would to have the entire assignment completed as soon as possible. Once a bid is accepted, it must be completed within the appropriate time frame or my deposit will be withdrawn. This assignment cannot physically be completed in 1 day so please do not bid with a completion date of 1 day as I will not be able to consider accepting your bid. 

Please confirm full refund if the assignment does not have a passing results.

The Unit 1 Examination.docx The Unit 2 Examination.docx The Unit 3 Examination.docx The Unit 4 Examination.docx 

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