can you do a writing assignment on a graduate level 4

This is a Graduate level assignment; while we are not looking for a specific number of words in your answers we do have the expectation that you will fully develop your conclusions. Your work does not need to be constructed to a particular writing style, such as APA; you do not need to indicate references.

Part 1

  • The circumstances of homelessness are tragic, particularly when a homeless person is suffering from mental illness. Aggressive police tactics that merely keep the homeless invisible are not an ultimate solution. Yet the problem seems at times to be intractable. Find in the literature descriptions of both successful and less-than-successful efforts to address the issue of homelessness.

Part 2

  • How tolerant should we be of deliberative behaviors in public places that make others uncomfortable or are irritating? Does the constitutional mandate of freedom of speech (expression) protect individuals who consciously engage in such behavior?

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