Case Study Financials Questions


Pkolino Financials

In a two-page paper, please address the following.

What are the key revenue drivers?

How do you influence the revenue drivers?

What are the key cost drivers; do they make sense, specifically operating expenses and COGS?

What areas do you think an investor might challenge?

Day One.docx 

This case is an excellent example of the constant struggle of balancing the actual running of a company and the never ending battle to raise funding in the stage before becoming attractive to venture capital investors.

In a two- to three-page paper, answer the following.

Is this a good opportunity? Why, or why not?

What is the gross margin on service sales; what should DayOne do to improve service sale margins?

Using the cash flow statement, how much, in the ideal, should DayOne seek to raise?

What does Andrew need to do if he is going to fulfill his vision of growing DayOne to 42 stores in 5 years?

In your opinion, would you invest; have they proven their model?

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