chapter 6 journal assignment

  1. Answer each of the following questions using complete sentences.
  2. Be sure to answer each question completely and work to incorporate material from the text, course exercises, and discussions.
  3. Answers must integrate course terminology and personal experience.
  4. All journals must be submitted on Canvas.
  5. Please use the following format to type your responses following each question. Review the Chapter Journal Grading Rubric.


Part One:

  1. Identify and explain three examples of slang used by you and your friends/family.
  2. Identify and explain three examples of jargon from your work or a group to which you belong.
  3. Identify and explain three types of cyber language. Your examples should come from your own observations or use. Do not repeat the examples used in the text.
  4. What are some advantages of slang, jargon and cyber language?
  5. What are some disadvantages?

Part Two:

  1. Your text explains an “I” statement. Identify and explain each of the four elements of a complete “I” statement.
  2. Describe at least three situations that you have experienced when you think using “I” language could have been useful.
  3. Write an “I” statement for one of the situations listed above.

Student Example

Part One

  • Slang Examples
    • “Bae” means, “before anyone else” and my friends and I often use it to refer to their significant others.
    • My friends and I also use the word “Lowkey” when we refer to something that we don’t want a lot of people to know about.
    • Salty means that you’re angry or bitter about something. My friends and I use it when we describe someone who has a bad attitude or negative take on a situation.
  • Jargon Examples
    • I work at a guitar store and we typically use guitar related jargon. The first that comes to mind is “headstock”. We use this word to describe the very top of the guitar where the guitar is tuned.
    • We use the word “gear” to refer to a certain type of equipment. For example, when a customer walks in we ask, “what kind of gear can we set you up with?”
    • We use the phrase “case candy” to refer to all the extras that the guitar comes with. For example, if the guitar comes with a certificate of authentication or a special tool to set it up we’d refer to that as “case candy”.
  • Cyber Language
    • Idk meaning, “I don’t know” is a phrase that is often used by my friends and I when texting or on the internet.
    • WYA meaning, “where you at?” is an abbreviated text I usually send my friends when my friends are running late to our hang.
    • WYD meaning, “what you doing?” is a quick way to see what my friends are up to.
  • Advantages
    • Some advantages to using slang, jargon and cyber language is that it creates a sense of community among our generation. We communicate the same way and have similar sense of humor. It also makes texting quicker and more efficient and allows us to get our point across.
  • Disadvantages
    • I feel that using abbreviated language on the internet and sending text messages can affect my ability to write a formal paper. If I haven’t written a paper in a long time and it usually takes me a few minutes to get used to typing without abbreviating every other word.

Part Two

  • “I” Language clearly identifies the speaker as the source of a message.
    • The first part of the “I” statement should start with a phrase like “I feel” or “I want”. This is the first step in communicating your feelings that will help you not provoke negative feelings in your listener.
    • Next, comes the part where you state what you feel or what you want. Meaning, “I feel sad” or “I feel happy”.
    • The third part should state the event that made you feel this way.
    • Lastly, it is important to explain how this event had this effect on you.
  • Examples
    • My partner and I got into an argument because I felt that they were ignoring me. It made me self conscious that there was some other underlying problem in our relationship. Instead of using an “I” statement I got angry and quickly tried to place blame.
    • My mom got into an argument over the way my aunt was handling her children. We know that it’s not our place to step in, and we would never, we were just stating our opinions. I quickly got angry which made her angry.
    • My grandma and I often disagree when it comes to politics. I got angry over the fact that we don’t see eye to eye on everything.
  • My “I” Statement
    • I feel sad that you haven’t been talking to me as often as you usually do. Up until tuesday I had barely heard from you. This made me feel insecure and caused me to overthink.

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