chapters 27 40 on 1 000 splendid suns

Please answer detail as you can.

1.Why was the story by Abul Sharif credible? Why did Laila say, “Yes” ,to Rashid’s proposal? Why could Laila not live as an adopted daughter?

2. How did Rasheed treat Laila after they married?What were the rules?How did he treat Mariam?

3.What took place in the confrontation between Mariam and Laila in Chapter 31? What was the outcome? How did each feel? What was their relationship in Chapter 32?

4.What did Laila tell Aziza about her father?What were Mariam’s first feelings toward the baby, Aziza? Why did Mariam change?

5. What happened to the escape plan? Why? What is qanoon?How did Rasheed respond when the police returned the women?

6. How did Rasheed treat Azziza differently than Zalmai? Why? Why did Laila punch Rasheed?How did he respond?

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