cjn 255 world cinema final essay

Task 1:

Due to the current circumstances, we were unable to study all the films we had selected at the beginning of the semester. You had selected a film from Australia: Innocence (2000) by Director Paul Cox.

Your task is to watch the film; thereafter select 4 of the 5 indexes we have studied in depth (excluding Indulgence) and argue whether the main characters in the film (Claire, Andreas, and John) represent Australia’s index score in the respective indexes you select. As in the past, narrow your discussion of the indexes to particular exhibit excerpts for a stronger argument. Let yourself be guided by the film plot to determine which indexes and exhibits are most applicable to this analysis. Your thesis should answer the following question:

Does Cox’s film Innocence represent characters in such a way that they overall represent Hofstede’s index numbers for the respective indexes?
Your respective arguments for the indexes will illustrate how you arrived at your conclusion.

Your essay needs to consist of an introduction, 4 arguments (one for each index), and a conclusion.


VERY IMPORTANT: The above film does not require historical knowledge to begin an analysis. You are not expected to research Australian history. Your arguments only need to be based on the narrative and the indexes. You observe behavior but do not need to explain why a character may behave in the way they do by placing it in a historical context. That would require study of the historical context, which is not part of this exam. As you can see from the Hofstede visual, Australia’s index scores are similar to that of the U.S. This means you have some expectations of characters’ behaviors given your knowledge of U.S. lifestyles. Approach this Australian film from the perspective of “how much of what is happening in the narrative and the characters actions is expected given my knowledge of U.S. ‘approaches’ to life and what surprises me?” Likely, what surprises you will be a good aspect to focus on, to explore how it can be explained in the indexes.

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