Clear identification of a business need

Clear identification of a business need

For this assignment, you need to have the ability to engage with an organization (either a current or former employer or affiliation) and have access to collect further information from that organization. The purpose of the assignment is to provide you the opportunity to apply the Consulting to Improve Performance model (phases 1-4, with an emphasis on phase 2) to a real-life organizational challenge.

The Executive Summary paper (typically 3-4 pages) can be written in “business style” (employing APA at least for citations/references) and should include:

  • An introduction to of the background, scope, and context (i.e. justification) for change.
  • Clear identification of a business need (“should” vs. “is”) (with some supporting evidence)
  • Clear identification of critical talent pool that can affect the business “should” (with supporting evidence/justification)
  • Analysis of “should” performance
  • Analysis of “is” performance
  • Causal analysis
  • Outline of potential interventions you would recommend based on the analysis and a tentative plan for implementation (Ruona, 2015)

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