communication skills journal

1. In Chapter 2, leadership styles are on page 14–15 of your textbook. Which leadership style do you lean toward? Reflect on the other styles and if there are any additional traits you would like to adopt from these other styles.

2. Listening has been described as an art. Are you a good listener? What body language do you use when you listen to others? How do you check to be sure you heard what was said? How do you feel you can improve as a listener at work and in your personal life? Explain.

3. Some people enjoy conflict, while others do not. How do you feel when you are in a conflict? What are your reactions and actions? Are they positive or negative? What steps can you follow to help yourself in times of conflict to have a positive and productive outcome? Explain.

4. Evaluate your past job interviews. What went right? What would you change? How do you feel when you go on a job interview? How do you prepare? How do you follow up?

5. What is your opinion about the use of metal detectors at courthouses? Do you believe this is an effective tool?

They must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.



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