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  1. Your supervisor has asked to you write a brief email on the vacation policy changes to be distributed to staff. You have just finished up and have sent your newly constructed email to the staff. Now, you must call your supervisor and leave a voice mail response updating him or her that you have sent out the new vacation policy email to staff. For this assignment, write out what you would say in the voicemail to your supervisor.Write up a follow-up reply voice mail for your supervisor in which you:
    1. Inform your supervisor that you have completed the email.
    2. Confirm to which employees you sent the email.
    3. Confirm the date and time when you sent the email.
    4. Target the appropriate professional audience.
    5. Meet three to five (3-5) sentence minimum requirement.
    6. Use correct sentence mechanics, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.
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  3. Multiple AttemptsThis test allows multiple attempts.
  4. Due DateThis Test is due on May 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM EDT.
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