Compare and contrast TWO sections in fukuyama

“Fukuyama” Writing Assignment

Tools of Analysis

•Compare and contrast

Instructions: Analyze in an essay. “Compare and Contrast” two sections (numbered).  Then use outside information to give examples.  Include a full introduction of the author and his text. Include an opening sentence that grabs attention.

I grade based on the quality of the analysis, the supporting evidence/examples, grammar, structure, organization, and clarity. That being said this assignment is not done until it has completed its purpose; in this case using two types of analyses to develop further understanding.

Here’s a PDF of the Book.

Fukuyama ch 5 numbered.pdf

Example: Thesis might look like: In order to better understand Fukuyama, we will compare and contrast two sections.  Similarities and differences will be pronounced.  These similarities and differences can be exemplified with pop culture.  Using the popular show ___________ from Netflix, we can better understand Fukuyama’s argument about state formation.

Tools of Analysis

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