complete and write discussion report answer 1 and 2 question on discussion

Write 1 page on each (2) questions in attached document. Discussion must be in APA format style, 12 font in times roman font, citations must be includes in discussion. Paper must be free of grammatical errors, plagiarism free.

Step 1: Discuss Entry Strategy


As you prepare to choose a new strategy—a global strategy—to direct your client’s business decisions, it will be useful to think critically about international strategies, modes of entry, and globalizing the management model.

Before you and your teammates settle on a strategy, Jillian Best has asked you to meet and discuss the various factors that influence an entry strategy.

Based on your reading, research, and analysis, respond to the two discussion questions below:

Discussion Topic 1: What are the factors that influence an organization’s choice of entry mode in a country? Discuss how the chosen mode fits with an organization’s goals and objectives.

Discussion Topic 2: What are the country factors that influence an organization’s decision to enter that country? What is the impact of the culture and geography on the organization’s value-chain activities being relocated to the country?

Review the MBA Discussion Guidelines for instructions on participation in discussions. Also, abide by the following guidelines: