Complex Adaptive System Part 1 and 2


Part I


Write a 300 word response following:

Reflecting on your readings in this week’s learning activities, which particular topic or issue resonates the most with you and why? What big questions remain unanswered? Use Complex adaptive system to answer this question.

See PDF attachment reading:


Martin, C. M. (2018). Complex adaptive systems approaches in health care-A slow but real emergence? Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 24(1), 266–268.


Part II


You are the chief quality officer of a large complex health care system who has been charged with embedding the Triple Aim framework into the organization’s culture.

Write a  300-word response to the following:

  • How can applying systems thinking aid health care practitioners and leaders to achieve the Triple Aim? 
  • Include your own experience, as well as 2 citations that align with or contradict your comments as sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals, industry publications, books, and/or other sources. Cite your sources using APA formatting. If you found contradicting information to what your experience tells you, explain why you agree or disagree with the research.


For both parts add APA guidelines, in text citations and references.

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