create a 3 5 page report presenting three or more specific high priority health improvement needs in a community of your choosing


Based on the community needs assessment and your research, write a 3–5-page report discussing three or more

specific high-priority health improvement needs in your community. As mentioned above, these could relate to

nutrition, smoking, diabetes management, drug use, or other concerns. The goal of your report is to describe the

needs of the community and how the community is currently addressing them.

Consult the scoring guide to ensure you address all criteria at the level you desire.

Include the following in your report:

Identify salient characteristics that define a community.

These characteristics include considerations such as geography, demographics, and qualitative

information that characterizes the community, such as common perspectives and interests, or other

bases of social ties.

Identify specific health improvement needs of a community by using epidemiological information.

Be sure to identify three, specific, high-priority health improvement needs of your community.

Support your choices by citing epidemiological information from your research.

Assess the current engagement of community stakeholders.

Stakeholders could include government, community agencies, private citizens, and health care


These stakeholders may be involved in programs to address your identified health improvement

needs or may be directly impacted by them.

How are these stakeholders involved or impacted by your identified health improvement


Describe treatment or wellness models that address an identified community health need.

Identify treatment or wellness models that are currently being used to address at least one of the highpriority

health improvement needs of your community.

Describe these strategies or approaches currently being used.

Examine each strategy to determine if it is based on a treatment model or a wellness model.

How you can determine which kind of strategy is employed?

Note: You must identify at least one strategy based on a treatment model and one based

on a wellness model. This may require you to look at more than one of your identified

community health improvement needs. Also, it is possible you may need to do more

research to meet this requirement.

Briefly discuss general advantages and disadvantages of treatment models versus wellness models

from these examples.

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