Creating a theory directions

For this assignment, your goal is to create a new interpersonal theory, model or metaphor. (For the rest of this description, assume when I’m saying theory that I mean theory, model, or metaphor) You can create a whole new theory or you can modify an existing theory by adding a new part or by replacing an existing part with something else. You cannot simply subtract something and call it done.

There are two drafts and a final paper.

In the first draft, write 1.5-2 double spaced pages explaining the theory you are creating. You can add drawings, examples, or detailed descriptions. If you are adding to or modifying an existing theory, you can include a little bit of background about that theory.

In the second draft, write 3-5 pages (you should include the edited first two pages in those 3-5 pages). You should include a minimum of three peer reviewed sources (Use the library webpage) to help support your idea or explain why your idea is in a topic area that is important. If you are modifying an existing theory, make sure at least one of your sources covers that theory. Make sure there are examples of your theory in action.

Final Paper 5-7 pages. You must cite at least 5 sources. 4 of them must be peer reviewed.

Divide the paper into three sections:

  1. A description of the theory.
  2. An explanation of why previous attempts do not cover/explain the phenomenon you are looking at
  3. Examples of the theory at work (These can by hypothetical situations)

So here are 3 draft that you need show me, two drafts and one final edition.

thanks for answer my question.

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