criminology discussion 3

1- what is official crime data ?what do kobrian and stoke and Crown identify as problems with official crime data?

2- discuss in 4 to 6 sentences the explanation that Bernard Snipes and Jerome give for the great crime decline of the 1990s

3- Give an overview of the seven steps of the scientific research method and describe what happens at each step?

1.ask a question the litertures addressing question

3. formaluting hypotheses

4. design your research including choosing your methodologies

5.gather data

6. analyze data

7. draw conclusion

4- Define correlation and causation ? how are they different from each other?

After you finished answering the questions in separate Word document, you will need to complete a case study analysis blog post, which will require you to watch a video, read a newspaper article (or articles), etc., and analyze the situation using the theory discussed that week,

your blog should address the question: what type of explanation (spiritual or scientific) do you think best explains the crime profiled here: (Links to an external site.)? Why? In your answer, you should make sure to define both spiritual explanations and scientific explanations, citing your textbook.

You should then address the question: based on this juror’s description here: (Links to an external site.), what type of explanation did the jury in the case look for? What do you think is most interesting about the juror’s comments?

answer words requirements: 300-500 words

Please use basic English voc and if you have any questions about the discussion question or the blog please let me know.

Note# attached two files are important to answer the discussion questions and for the blog as well

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