deloitte report critical analysis as per below requirements

I need a 500-word report which summarizes parts of the Deloitte article, as well as providing a critique of the recommendations, visualizations and statistics used.

Part A: Analyse the findings on page 4-7 of the report and summaries the content in own words in dot points (100 words)

Part B: Take Westfield as selected company and describe in your own words the case for digital (business problem), learnings & future plans of that company (100 words)

Part C: Read the summary of how organisations can prepare for action, i.e. recommendations on pages 26-27. Provide a critique of this section, i.e. how useful/accurate do you think these recommendations and insights are? Could companies act on this advice?(100 words)

Part D: Analyse ways in which the visualisations and summary statistics in the tables could be improved (200 words)

i dont bother if you can or cannot provide references. But i will be expecting some statistics cahrts if possible

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