describe a situation during your life in which your creativity was either inhibited, or encouraged.

Initial Post: Read the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education (NACCE) report, All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education , focusing specifically on the Creative and Cultural Education (pp. 54-60) and Teaching and Learning (pp. 100-123) section. As you read through this work, note some of the specific strategies NACCCE recommends for facilitating creativity skills. Make a list of these strategies to use in the next portion of this requirement. Once you have a clear picture of the types of educational strategies Robinson believes supports creativity, view the When There Is a Correct Answer Exercise in Creative Thinking video. This is a short two-minute summary of Dr. Segev’s research on creative drawing with children.

Based on the results of Dr. Segev’s research, describe a situation during your life in which your creativity was either inhibited, or encouraged. Write about this incident in a narrative, storytelling way. Within your story, apply at least two of the NACCCE strategies you listed when taking notes on the NACCCE report. Consider how these were either supported or not supported within the scenario you described. Once you complete your story, post it in the discussion forum. Feel free to be creative with this story. For example, you may want to try Storybird , which is a digital storytelling platform (free accounts are available to students and teachers). If you use a web-based technology to create your story, be sure to post a link to it in your post.

Segev, E. (2013, May 9). When there is a correct answer exercise in creative thinking Video file]. Retrieved from

Teacher Said to Class-

For this DB forum, you need to specifically and clearly link two NACCCE strategies to the videos you view of Dr Segev’s research and that of Sir Ken Robinson, then write about your own experience with creativity.   If you decide you want to try a new software program, you can use Storybird, Weebly, Present Me, or Prezi, or any other program that will convey your own insights on this topic.