Describe the population and health issue.

Health Population Project


  • Mental health issues
    • Choose one mental health issue (suicide) with highest prevalence in the community state of Oklahoma
    • Choose one developmental age group (i.e. elementary school children, adolescents, young adults, middle aged adults, frail elderly)
    • Choose a specific ethnic or racial background
    • Choose rural or urban
    • Choose one county on which to focus (whichever county of the most significant data/rankings/rates/has the most to offer for this big project)

Describe the population and health issue. Include citations from at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article and 1 data source to explain why this is health issue is a priority for this population.

Submit a Word document of approximately two paragraphs. Use APA format for in-text citations and create a reference list.


o    Choose a population (as listed above Mental health issues (Suicide))

  • Describe the specific population (age, gender, and any other related demographic factors like ethnic background, income or education level)
  • Indicate the county in which this population lives
  • Briefly describe the health issue you are studying in this population using data from one of these sources. You may use one of these sites for data or choose another reliable source of data.

Use APA guidelines for in-text citations. Most of this paper should include citations from reputable sources. Do not include large amounts of opinion in this paper.