Develop A Professional Toolkit For Evaluating Leadership In Organizations

Assume the role of business consultant to the organization of your choice. It is your responsibility to assess the overall health of the organization by using a proven technique for accomplishing environmental scans.

In order to collate and evaluate quantitative data that will support the qualitative nature of your environmental scan, you will identify and evaluate three financial and non-financial performance measures. Your measures can be descriptive and report, analyze, and monitor in order to assess, respectively, what happened, why it happened, and what’s happening now


Write an analysis in which you do the following:

  1. Assess three techniques (e.g., SWOT, LSSRIM, PESTLE, etc.) you can employ to determine the current status of the organizational environment. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each of the techniques.
  2. Evaluate three financial and three non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) you can use to assess the health of your organization.