Discussion #4

Topic 1 – Compensation Philosophy

Provide an initial response to one option below.  Your response should state which option you chose and be about one or two paragraphs long. Draw on information provided in chapters eleven or the required videos (provide at least one  citation (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the required textbook) when addressing your selected option. Be sure to review the discussion rubric for assessment criteria. Remember, no reference is needed for the required text; however, provide a link for other outside sources cited in your response.

Option 1

Consider an organization where you work(ed). After viewing the required videos related to chapter eleven, what do you think their compensation philosophy was (below market, at market, or above market) and why? Were they targeting a specific part of the labor market? Do you think their approach was effective? Why or why not?

Provide an initial response to the activity below.

Many HR professionals are asked to provide input into benefit strategy and total reward composition. In this scenario for discussion, your organization has a high number of millennial and the CEO watched a program about how millennials are great at saving money. The CEO suggests reducing the organization’s 401K match and considering other benefit options. Check out the following video and using the four moves approach, provide your opinion on the reliability of this information.


Not sure what the four moves are? Go back and watch the four moves videos.